VDG Solutions - Vehicle Dynamics Experts

                VDG Solutions provides specialised and expert services in the field of vehicle dynamics and mobility. Vehicle dynamics and mobility is of general importance to the people of South Africa as vehicles of different kinds remain the main mode of transport for the majority of ordinary people and local industries.

                VDG Solutions has a strong applied focus and capability, both for laboratory and field testing. Testing capabilities range from laboratory tests on individual components up to full vehicle systems tested on the proving ground and under realistic operating conditions. Experimental data is used extensively to develop and validate models of vehicles and components.

                VDG Solutions’ range of equipment includes:

                • Laboratory data acquisition systems (computer systems and peripherals).
                • Data acquisitioning systems for field use.
                • Instrumented Land Rover Defender 110 test platform fitted with controllable suspension, rear wheel steering, active anti-roll bar, actuators for control of gear shifting, steering (front and rear), brakes, clutch, and throttle.
                • Tyre testers.
                • Road profilometers including lasers.
                • Field test equipment.
                • Instrumentation including, accelerometers, GPS, gyroscopes, displacement transducers, pressure transducers, speed sensors (engine speed, driveshaft speeds, wheel speeds), wheel force transducers, load cells, tyre slip angle sensors.
                • Inertial measurement units.
                • Stereo vision systems.
                • Moments of inertia test rig.
                • Telemetry.
                • Vehicle dynamics control systems (DSpace and PC-104 based).

                VDG Solutions also have access to the equipment and facilities of C-AIM Consult that include

                • Schenck hydropulse actuators ranging from 40 kN to 630 kN capacity.
                • Electrodynamic shakers.
                • Seismic isolated block.
                • Scanning laser vibrometers.

                VDG Solutions also conduct extensive modelling and simulation using commercial codes including ADAMS, Matlab, Simulink, VI-Grade and FTire. Extensive C++ code is developed in-house for embedded control and digital image correlation applications.

                VDG Solutions’ range of equipment includes:

                • Tyre testing and modelling
                  • Wheel force transducers measurement and telemetry.
                  • Tyre test trailer.
                  • Static tyre test rig.
                  • Measurements inside tyres.
                  • Tyre modelling.
                • Terrain profile measurement and modelling
                  • Mechanical profilometer.
                  • Digital image correlation
                  • Road profiling lasers.
                • Component characterisation and modelling
                • Vehicle dynamics modelling, testing and model validation
                • Vehicle dynamics test and measurement systems
                  • Digital image correlation for slip and slip angle measurements.
                  • Wireless rotating telemetry.
                  • Embedded control systems.
                • Rapid prototyping facility
                • Autonomous control and Advanced Driver Assist Systems or ADAS
                • Training and short courses